Monday, 24 November 2008


I can tell you why I am here
I can tell you why I’m resistant
I’m a non-stick spray
Flammable and combustible
I’m not a voodoo doll.
Washable, invisible as failed ignitions,
Premonitions of time past.

A capacitor, resistor, transistor
Refusing documentation.
My biometrics state
I do not in fact exist.

Eco-terror nightmares
My blood, was drawn, is clear
Withstanding the pressure of silent crowded streets
Where fire extinguishes our energy fights,
deterred by your white christmas lights.

Stay out of my way and out of my view!
I do not want to know you.
Do not cross my path, or you will feel the wrath
Of my blazing forcefield cutting through.
I will only repeat myself once, if that.
Stay out of my way! Stay out of sight.
Do not go past, access is denied,
if I may be obliged to monopolize.

Press this number for your language.
Your reference number will be required:
Please enter your PIN, and then please sign here.
(and don’t forget to read the fine print, which says:
“We cannot be held responsible for this equation.”)

An obsolete compass guides down a dirt road.
You walk down it with corrosive steps,
Nuclear lantern lighting the path.
It is found, your split particles emerged from
Where an atomic bomb was once tested.

A compact portal opens,
Ivy leaves compressed.
In an attempt to balance the elements’ symbols,
Water speaks to you, in waves:
I can tell you why I’m dust,
Even so, I do exist.
Science justifies why I resist;
Let me become warm with reason.

-Chelsea Bruno
November 24, 2008

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