Monday, 27 December 2010


Last event of the year on December 30! Soto is very excited... Beautifully designed flyer by my friend Franky...

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another Exquisite Corpse

Ending twilight Omega rising
Dusk from beyond
Your handwriting beckons retrospect re-connect
dissecting my voice with broken chords
Cadences Stile brisee Chaotic order ringing monophony
Transport telepathic phone call in fugato style
Mezzoforte sotto voce Believe what I say there are
no coincidences Only fate can check mate
Feel the pulp in every gulp
Of newspaper, today's headline reads...
Underwater, the planet breathes
Exhaling innocence divine haloes of the sacred mind
A circle within a circle a frame to find
An eye a face a trace a smile a style to define
A line figuratively alive
And round the ground bass magic of sound
variations abound movements, the twelfth fold
division of the octave sounds
referencing your mind tangled twine
spaghetti bliss first last kiss Forever is infinite
lest we forget... Alpha every Pythagorean comma
Moments bi-furcate, years conquer fears as the
Neopolitan ice cream icicles trickling tetrachords
Only us. Vibration and the subconscious of mother, collective
Earth, Inhabitants abide
She gives birth to a sigh absorbing the noosphere,
the universal mind's ear, everywhere alpha, the omega
is near, i hold you most dear within time's imperfect
sphere, this is why we are H E R E A C E G B D
the thirds are seeds Evolving Simean beings
Listening actively to the ringing in their ears!
Intrinsic music of the spheres Muses
three-fold may be SONG, PRACTICE, MEMORY.

by Carl and I

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tree Branches

my new album

recollection of some days

watery nature
everything from the same source
symbol equal to word

eye am not here and eye am not self.

sparkles on the water
vivid in the wind
Breathe our planet's breath

good day for a rainbow
slow beat heart motion
planet mathematics
microscopic pupil, center focus, background language
Harpsichord fingers in the digital realm
Welcome to our quality time, never ending bell
Eyes want to tell about the wind chimes__
observing wings in movement, adrift
Rhythm up with tidal wave, a spiral staircase to the
unseen; Ensō prism research, geometric tears
Nonordinary reality (to become a man of knowledge)

Poet language monteur
Morning events, azure overhang, cast eyes upward
looking for the everseen
swooned by midday captured enraptured
undefined senses of being on loudspeakers
Magic of mechanics, roots absorbed and never solid.