Thursday, 6 November 2008

just for the record...

i can't wait to graduate. i like to talk to myself sometimes, because there is no one else to talk to. but an essay i'm writing in spanish told me something interesting as i was writing it. the computer is always there to listen, and it never talks back. it does not really listen, rather chart occurrences (for instance, i just spelled that word "occurances" wrong three times, and the computer notified me of that) usually i am a very good speller. sometimes the computer thinks it is correcting you when it really is not. my essay in spanish, for example; since spanish is not the first language of MS word, every single word has a red or green squiggly underline. i, for one, cannot stand that squiggly underline! it ticks me off. i am wondering, and i always have, why the option to turn that 'feature' of MS word to the 'OFF' switch. because sometimes, it is of no help. like when you're writing an essay in a nother language. back it up computer, i love you, don't take this the wrong way, but don't tell me when to capitalize stuff, or when i'm misspelling stuff. it is very choosy.. it makes me think there might be a brain in there.
one thing my spanish essay addresses: how did man create something that is smarter than him? how are computers so perfect? why are the general 'they' trying to make robots have human emotions? robots will be useless to us when they become emotional wrecks and failures like the rest of us. not to say i am an emotional wreck or failure, but we all reach that point some time,

you know what i mean?


the computer (through the eyes of a frustrated eden)

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