Monday, 29 September 2008





space is

o is clear
d saturated
e full
r is
is chaos
u equals
l fluency still

liquid solid


diagonal round


is crooked
is water
everything circles

Sunday, 28 September 2008


this is my trees as they looked originally in rusty metal.

this is what they look like when they stand upside down.

here's the trees with their soft blue aura.

this is the meaning of life!

Sunday, 21 September 2008


This has been a test by the EBS
And now back to you (insert name here)
I’m Eden Grey and I approve this message.

Sirens’ frequencies escalating wattage
A channel monopoly (its tirade, clear)
This has been a test by the EBS

These flashing subliminal images
Incorrect corrections (no reason to fear)
I’m Eden Grey and I approve this message.

Raising issues, we do encourage
Your point of view, we want to hear.
This has been a test by the EBS.

Mental kinesis, fractals to macro-manage
The cause and effect are jumping gears
I’m Eden Grey and I approve this message.

The ocean’s gates: let us begin the voyage
Riding currents through the years
This has been a test by the EBS
I’m Eden Grey and I approve this message.


Thursday, 18 September 2008


Embarking a port,
Returning from the spider kingdom,
Time warp envelope level turned down
by five hours, and then some.
Spiraling staircases of paper lanterns.

Speaking secret languages
Gauging my insight.
The chair is sideways and is more practical this way.
I’m a chocolate button covered with hundreds and thousands.

Intestines of a grand tree trunk
Laid before my eyes.
Synthetic clear cube, disposable, overgrown wax.
Compressor, plagued treasure, handcrafted, worldly eccentricity.
Empty, full – a minimalist explosion.
Turntable enthralled, compelled by a mystery
One year later, being solved.
Attracted to patchwork, abandoned illusions.

The spider on the floor befriended me, as it appeared out of thin air to my weary eyes,
Then it disappears; could have climbed under the wood support
The table top tree intestine sits upon.
I wonder if it was ever there; if it ever befriended me at all.

Mangled, Blue

thank goodness for Dave, who plays the cello
I was saved
and given pillows for my ears

my tongue is numb
i am a gypsy, got stolen from
my scarf is lost
my esther leather fur-lined gloves are gone
in the infirmary
for a minor injury
my finger is broke
mangled, blue
my skeleton glove is gone
two sinister tunes
in less than twenty four hours

i spit a trail of colored dewdrops walking toward Queens road.

i knew to push the button in this time around
these haunted fields holding captive
white noise as we pass

mangled, blue
now I have two red flourishes stifled, painted over in white
for which I would be found
a pear cider guilty

covered by globalization at its best, there is
something so different about this side of the world
i think it is mainly the trees
and the disappearance of my reflection
in the window
at this moment.

i miss Leicester...

and, of course, Dave.

as free as a tree... it is unfinished here. i don't know who the bloke is, but his shirt matches the color of the tree. i guess he was hitting up some shade. i got only this one photo of the tree without all the chalk. if it rains soon, i might get another.

my tree graffiti

the tree is spray paint.. everyone chalked it up at earthdance. give people chalk and a wall, and they will use it.
give me spray paint, and i will paint trees..

She came to life..

This Catlantian woman was looking directly at me. She looks like an aborigine, similar to the African lady in the Biomechanik video; I can barely believe I made her with my own hands.

Quantum Opinion

New languages approaching,
tree conversations. Collaged companions.
Cycled, sideways. Separately spaced.
Permanently erased. scribbled and traced.
See my span of time implode
as traveling backwards on the globe
Clashing with the earth's daytime face
days are longer, is it true
and do they realize
how much strain
comes from this magical concentration.
And so it were,
the lavender energy.
Proved me indeed to be a gypsy,
leaving impressions, gifts i'd been given
and not leaving without
what i had obtained.

So i tried to tell you again,
just as the test tries to trick.
I am nine, you are seven
gone back to my geyser, streaming light.
Mountains, only a year away.
Now a clearer, clouded day
Where sun is welcome, lost is found
the moon embraced, connected with
the ground. Frequencies stumble, stammering
in the ear, sirens similar
desensitizing shock. Spindled and soft.
Lost pieces of self. No attachment
needed, no explanation turquoise.

My quantum opinion,
relative to my forensic eyelids.
My pulsating pupils, i watch.

-Chelsea Bruno, August 2008

miami sunset.

i thought the cranes looked magnificent, similar to dinosaurs. the palm trees add a whole nother effect.. i do find them appealing in a sense of the word; they are like giant poppy flowers.