Thursday, 26 November 2009


my first solo album, can be previewed and purchased on my artist page at

the quote on the inside, a short philosophical riddle/poem compares to the indelible "roses are red" and reads as follows:

"Blue equals orange,
Blue, same as E;
E equals orange,
You equals me."

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

it takes time...

but time repeats itself, right?
in cycles...
the shatterdrop of the moonquake
incinerate, essencebreath

the diction of magi,
a diction of hermes
pi is a ghost

an inverse of subtleties
om is a song
so am i

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

thank you

to everything,
at this moment, directed
to the blue sky
to all philosophers and inventors,
Jack St. Clair Kilby and Robert Noyce
who coincidentally synchronized the invention of the "integrated circuit" at the same time
and Leonardo Da Vinci, who is an endless source of inspiration


problematic cacti(i) blowing all about the arch
across the above ground, the bow of rain,
the trickling sound of wheels squeaking past,
soaring the magnetic asphalt,
reminders of my robotic tendencies.
I must be a singing robot, for many days spent
and lost forever, whilst I couldn't have been
singing all along.
What happened to poetry? Astray like a
dandelion seed; I must reconsider fluency,
all words that go unsaid, therefore unheard.
Once i had a passion, i can still hear it now,
it rings through crystals as we tap softly the metals,
resonating steel that echoes throughout my spacious mind
Vacant, placid amid the haste
complacent, my voice, bittersweet to the taste.
Ambivalent, the clouds are garbed in yarn and lace,
and still i watch them closely, asking inside my mind, what really are they?
Without their semi-shroud and without the wind,
the days would not feel the same.
They blow in and out of memory
just as flame helps regeneration;
contempt for the contemporary,
degenerate as distortion.
Turn up the fuzz, hit me with white noise,
like a backhand painted green, sudden, abrupt..
Black holes seen into deeply despite
my sideways forward vision,
delusional in the blink of an eye
as rapid as the movement of the skies.
Cacophony: unknown, struck by the darkness rays,
Your LFO is wavering, the fine tuning is creeping
The semitones are overtaking,
what's in that 'pop' that blows your speaker.
One shot and it's gone
Surrender to existence because it sounds so alluring
Heartbeat captured by the scratching
while the cacti(i) are deterring
Because I can not sing, it is wrong
that everyone can not hear my song.
It is silent, where i once
had laid in snow, I might have foreshadowed in a breath
the sting my hushed harmony would bring -
a soliloquy of dreams that come and go with fleeting melodies.

-----written on 12/30/2006

Thursday, 12 November 2009

on 11:11

more more more

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

last sign in

or sign off,
on my day off,

which is my day on
as time is wasted
every day,
do we really comprehend
when there gets to be too many bubbles
interpretations of microcosms
stacked far and wide and few
one then four three and two
too many fluctuations of the waves
and then we drowned
then we are found

we realize we lose our breath
and that the waves saltwater are throwing us around
sucking us deeper in
almost as a news reporter
emotionless and blank
and i thank goodness
there is still more time