Wednesday, 30 December 2009

celestial snow

as i point one direction
because i want to know
colored of sage
who coined what term
the end of the age

we have yet to learn
and yet to fade
fill it up to the brim
explosive within

my retinas burn
as i re-simulate
next to yesterday's a blur
tomorrow is solid, now is matter

choose the latter, know the future
a fish in the water
flowing through crossing currents
i want to be everywhere
i want to disappear

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

genderless spirit

same as the opposite

Thursday, 26 November 2009


my first solo album, can be previewed and purchased on my artist page at

the quote on the inside, a short philosophical riddle/poem compares to the indelible "roses are red" and reads as follows:

"Blue equals orange,
Blue, same as E;
E equals orange,
You equals me."

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

it takes time...

but time repeats itself, right?
in cycles...
the shatterdrop of the moonquake
incinerate, essencebreath

the diction of magi,
a diction of hermes
pi is a ghost

an inverse of subtleties
om is a song
so am i

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

thank you

to everything,
at this moment, directed
to the blue sky
to all philosophers and inventors,
Jack St. Clair Kilby and Robert Noyce
who coincidentally synchronized the invention of the "integrated circuit" at the same time
and Leonardo Da Vinci, who is an endless source of inspiration


problematic cacti(i) blowing all about the arch
across the above ground, the bow of rain,
the trickling sound of wheels squeaking past,
soaring the magnetic asphalt,
reminders of my robotic tendencies.
I must be a singing robot, for many days spent
and lost forever, whilst I couldn't have been
singing all along.
What happened to poetry? Astray like a
dandelion seed; I must reconsider fluency,
all words that go unsaid, therefore unheard.
Once i had a passion, i can still hear it now,
it rings through crystals as we tap softly the metals,
resonating steel that echoes throughout my spacious mind
Vacant, placid amid the haste
complacent, my voice, bittersweet to the taste.
Ambivalent, the clouds are garbed in yarn and lace,
and still i watch them closely, asking inside my mind, what really are they?
Without their semi-shroud and without the wind,
the days would not feel the same.
They blow in and out of memory
just as flame helps regeneration;
contempt for the contemporary,
degenerate as distortion.
Turn up the fuzz, hit me with white noise,
like a backhand painted green, sudden, abrupt..
Black holes seen into deeply despite
my sideways forward vision,
delusional in the blink of an eye
as rapid as the movement of the skies.
Cacophony: unknown, struck by the darkness rays,
Your LFO is wavering, the fine tuning is creeping
The semitones are overtaking,
what's in that 'pop' that blows your speaker.
One shot and it's gone
Surrender to existence because it sounds so alluring
Heartbeat captured by the scratching
while the cacti(i) are deterring
Because I can not sing, it is wrong
that everyone can not hear my song.
It is silent, where i once
had laid in snow, I might have foreshadowed in a breath
the sting my hushed harmony would bring -
a soliloquy of dreams that come and go with fleeting melodies.

-----written on 12/30/2006

Thursday, 12 November 2009

on 11:11

more more more

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

last sign in

or sign off,
on my day off,

which is my day on
as time is wasted
every day,
do we really comprehend
when there gets to be too many bubbles
interpretations of microcosms
stacked far and wide and few
one then four three and two
too many fluctuations of the waves
and then we drowned
then we are found

we realize we lose our breath
and that the waves saltwater are throwing us around
sucking us deeper in
almost as a news reporter
emotionless and blank
and i thank goodness
there is still more time

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

constitution of eden

By chance, i may have this dance - Death's corpse awaits, somewhere in France -

the matrix appears on her windshield, as raindrops -

in the poppy field, where my heart finally stops.

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Golden Boat

Clouds rumbling in the sky; teeming rain.
I sit on the river bank, sad and alone.
The sheaves lie gathered, harvest has ended,
The river is swollen and fierce in its flow.
As we cut the paddy it started to rain.

One small paddy-field, no one but me -
Flood-waters twisting and swirling everywhere.
Trees on the far bank; smear shadows like ink
On a village painted on deep morning grey.
On this side a paddy-field, no one but me.

Who is this, steering close to the shore
Singing? I feel that she is someone I know.
The sails are filled wide, she gazes ahead,
Waves break helplessly against the boat each side.
I watch and feel I have seen her face before.

Oh to what foreign land do you sail?
Come to the bank and moor your boat for a while.
Go where you want to, give where you care to,
But come to the bank a moment, show your smile -
Take away my golden paddy when you sail.

Take it, take as much as you can load.
Is there more? No, none, I have put it aboard.
My intense labour here by the river -
I have parted with it all, layer upon layer;
Now take me as well, be kind, take me aboard.

No room, no room, the boat is too small.
Loaded with my gold paddy, the boat is full.
Across the rain-sky clouds heave to and fro,
On the bare river-bank, I remain alone -
What had has gone: the golden boat took all.

-Rabindranath Tagore (p. 1932)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

farewell sanity

an unexpected leap into the unknown of the present.
i am shaking from the cold and my hands and feet are numb.
frozen in half-life, my queries are unanswered,
and so i sing, FARE THEE WELL to sanity,
it was nice to have known you once.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

musician ____ magician

where will again appear my muses.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

4titruDR. is gone.

He kidnapped himself, maybe for good this time.

I'll miss you 4titruDR. I know you enjoyed your life with me and I will always keep the memory of you in my heart.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

color by number

from my world to yours:

i designed this color by number today... then i colored it in.

now it's your turn:

1 = red
2 = light blue
3 = yellow
4 = dark blue
5 = light green
6 = dark green
7 = orange

(Colors are interchangeable i.e. pick whatever colors you want)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

a centered view

. . .of eden arabesque. . .

the apple is invisible

in my trajectory of physics

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

0 = 2

endlessly reversing order
in specialized language

electric blue activation
my autopsy on your screen
as Nostradamus predicted
the established .com minds become prepared
for atonal departure

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Friday, 10 July 2009

silent lightning

creeping at night
silent lightning
minimal thunder

time traveling

desensitized beings
watching the celestial
orbs' adaptations
hearing deep into
the reflections of
their resonance

infrequent exposure
though frequently
tuned into code;
what is invisible
and waiting for
our artificial
to kick in

fruit alchemy
slicing strawberries
singing elements
seeing into molecules
the prophecies foreshadowed
in water



somehow we know
where we came from. . . . com . com . .

Sunday, 5 July 2009

in a digital blur:::

Who isn't, these days?
so hard to decipher between them, these days,
between plastic and wood;

FACT: what a shame mosquitoes have to bite,
what a progression, can be seen in numbers,
endless interpretations of patterns
to the eyes glazed by their lashes
to detect the rays' movements,
the beeps and flickering of the stars

orbs celestial .. harmonies spherical .. melodies universal ..

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday, 6 June 2009


i am a giant squid

Now, after revisiting my past and realizing where I really am,
about to obtain stature in a solid place,
gain back my innocence that is so prominent,
as i feel like i have spread my philosophy to all corners of the world
and this was not done purposefully, however
i have unleashed a certain amount of energy unto the world
which i can now sense tenfold
time to let go of all that was once known
all the pain and all the love
so much love was allowed to endure throughout my years and relationships
an impeccable feeling on so many levels.
now i feel like a giant squid.
how much of what i put out into the world, now lies in landfills
how many lie dusty in the corners of unknown places.
i have collected many lives in my closet,
i believe it is time to set them free.
for life is but our own, to learn the insides and outs
and become a manifesting creature in the etheric realm
time to release the energy prisoners,
i did not understand that i had kept myself one.
there is no value or worth to tomorrow,
those thoughts meant for you alone, for only my eyes
now they are all here in this memoir;
this is a reminder of all that i cannot remember,
all that i have experienced is now a blur,
and i am not tempted to keep

(i am)


Monday, 18 May 2009

ceramic sculptures by eden grey

FIGMENT (of my imagination)




-eden grey

an excerpt from "Time Travelers"...

"Up to par, we are far, hours of pennies in my jar, a chance, I may have this dance, with some sergeant sold, and spent.

Take a second out for goodness’ sake as into the glass the copper breaks, as I am last in line again, you are third, as we combine the word. Vocals become text as I was last, now I’m next fulfilling backbones bent and spines tangled, the wires of our brains become a mangled mess as we are transported telepaths through squares and dare not ask why. The filaments fry, embossed with curves and scents that cost us cells.

You tell us so much of what’s inside your spaghetti’s recipe and such, from the place that has been carved out of your maple face, grains I trace in ellipses on their axes. Converted mixed and sniffled rosemary, a rhombus hazel craze of ‘hope’. Tourist, why did you underline navel, put a dot next to a less than sign. These sine wave ripples never end, frequencies of the LFO’s bend, we all follow the robot trend, desensitized from hours as they turn to seconds.

See you tomorrow in five years, dive into the blue planet with open ears, see you in Venus’ hollow sphere, contrived, a castle, forlorn to hear."


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

the alien fruit...

I could slice them all day.

Saturday, 25 April 2009


Here is a public declaration of a new perspective for consideration.

At the closing of the Piscean age, we are processing information more rapidly than ever before in history.

Our awareness is vital to our advancements and progression as a universal consciousness.

We have been patronized by society while serving our survival sentences.

This is because we have been told we are free when we really are not, in many cases of what the word entails.
The word, "free", has thirty-six definitions on

My patience for the desensitization of my human brothers and sisters has worn.

The time is now, the world leader repetitively states and hypnotizes the world.

Now is the time; i sing in my lowest tone, for I sense the rapid communication of energies and attempt to factor in every entity and experience.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Across the Room

"I am talking from a distance, from across the room..."

She fades
She blurs
music taking over
and in
out or below
She is
She spins
She drills
partakes in thrills
and chimes, lost time
for years, no dates, no nines
endeavors, she whistles
her spine
sends shivers
and guides
and drenched
clenched, clutched
She is sideways pulled under
the bubbles
She sings
apart from sand

three voices 
heard clear

in this cadence
three voices
it dawned like the dusk
this dunce epiphany embroidering
FX processing every second
i am out there
baby blue and black
in so many places
dizzy to the orchestra

i found Eurydice last night
She is gone with the wind now

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fortitruder, Stitch I and II

Death Spliced
Gardens of Paradise

A census of hallucinations;
A paranormal connection.
The night before the full moon,
but where to be found, was Eden?

Seemingly outside herself in
a distorted glass head reflection,
She is a bow-tie wearing apparition
in autosaved formats of disconnected communication;

In this tirade, desensitized blockade of wires,
Eyes lost in the sky, the stars seem to change colors;
I will thank her for my pointy limbs,
and be sure to send her a mother's day card.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Refracted Dragon

She rants wildly with fire words
And so, her brain implodes...

Imaginary friends begin to take SHAPE
the little round SHAPE of E

of predecessors undetermined

and lavishly living a rejected life
By and by, these worlds will be linked

Real people who want to buy what I sell,
They are taking shape, and I know them very well

The refracted dragon jumps off the causeway
and flies to the red planet of yesterday...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

MY REAL zombie friends

one of them will paint a violin, yellow, possibly in the shape of a lemon.    q.e.d.


(I  k n o w  y o u , you are the deeply bowed,
I, the transpierced, am subject to you.
Where flames a word, would testify for us both?
You___all, all real. I___all delusion.)

-PAUL CELAN "breathturn" d. 1970

Also, another one, by this displaced word seething poet. . . . ............ . . . ...........

W O R D A C C R E T I O N, volcanic,
drowned out by searoar.

the flooding mob
of the contra-creatures: it
flew a flag___portrait and replica
cruise vainly timeward.

Till you hurl forth the word-

I wish I could do the same on that day.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Friday, 6 February 2009

Matsuo Basho's renku

mental cut and paste - reordered sporadically by Eden Grey

Hiru no nemutasa - the drowsiness of a spring day
Kasume ugo kanu - not a breeze to stir the thin haze
Hiru no nemutasa - the drowsiness of a spring day
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms
Shirame hawasuru - a man watches a louse crawling
Hana no kage - on the palm of his hand
Kasume ugo kanu - not a breeze to stir the thin haze
Hiru no nemutasa - the drowsiness of a spring day
Orusu to nareba - how spacious the wooden floor looks
Hiroki atjiki - when the master is away from home!
Orusu to nareba - how spacious the wooden floor looks
Hiroki atjiki - when the master is away from home!
Orusu to nareba - how spacious the wooden floor looks
Hiroki atjiki - when the master is away from home!
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms

Ichanaka wa - above a town
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms
Sono mochi no hi o - I wish I could do the same
Sono mochi no hi o - I wish I could do the same
Kogare tobu - the lovelorn soul
Tama shii hana no - flying into the shade of the blossoms
Kage ni iru - it has been pining for
Kage ni iru - it has been pining for
Sono mochi no hi o - I wish I could do the same
Ware no------ - on that day------
Ware no onajiku - on that day of the full moon
Tenohira ni - under cherry blossoms
Shirame hawasuru - a man watches a louse crawling
Hana no kage - on the palm of his hand
Kasume ugo kanu - not a breeze to stir the thin haze
Hiru no nemutasa - the drowsiness of a spring day
Ukiyo no hatewa - in this fleeting world, no one can escape
Mina Komachinari - the destiny of the famed poetess, Komachi
Nani yue zo - why is it
Kayu susuru ni mo - her eyes are filled with tears
Namida-gumi - over a bowl porridge
Orusu to nareba - how spacious the wooden floor looks
Ukiyo no hatewa - in this fleeting world, no one can escape
Mina Komachinari - the destiny of the famed poetess, Komachi
Ukiyo no hatewa - in this fleeting world, no one can escape
Mina Komachinari - the destiny of the famed poetess, Komachi
Nani yue zo - why is it
Kayu susuru ni mo - her eyes are filled with tears
Namida-gumi - over a bowl porridge

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mercury in Transit


[noo-ahns, nyoo-, noo-ahns, nyoo-; Fr. ny-ahns]

1. a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc.
2. a very slight difference or variation in color or tone.
1775–85; < F: shade, hue, equiv. to nu(er) to shade (lit., to cloud < VL *nūbāre, deriv. of *nūba, for L nūbēs cloud) + -ance -ance Unabridged

Language Translation for : nuance

Spanish: tono, matiz

German: die Schattierung

Japanese: 色合い

Need one tree
My tonus escaping, suddenly released,
plastic cannot burn
abrupt stitched eyes accompaniment, plush piano ceiling
in my quantum tea pot
this honey-dipped parade
where i have been,
i am chasing away the white rabbit in the mountains.

Friday, 30 January 2009

The Renku:

hey ichi
this is what i was trying to explain to you, the Renku, that i sang a mind version of cut and paste conversation of Matsuo Basho's poetry.
i was looking for a translation of the one i had devised and that you of (a great) few utilized.
except the difference between Basho's Renku and the one we are doing here, we are substituting ancient japanese for minimal keyboard characters, whose angles have somewhat to do with the shape they are associated with, which equals the number of syllables in the line in ancient japanese.
for since we temporarily are doing it through computer shapes, i have assigned them numbers.


Circle () = 1

incomplete Square I_I = 2

triangle <_ = 3

complete square TT = 4

The pattern that the sum of the shapes is on each line:

5,7,5 on the first three lines

and 7, 7 on the following (echoing) two lines.

I_I <_ 5
<_ <_ () 7
()()()()() 5

TT I_I () 7
<_ TT 7

In the above example, I have demonstrated the structure, and in doing so, have answered myself in this first experimental equation.
So, try a 5 - 7 - 5 with these shapes if you can and i will answer back in 7 - 7.

Here is a list of his works and their year and translation, i thought it would be interesting for you; i will translate the one i did when i get home. though i was looking at it last night, so i have an idea of what it is in my head now, but not the order.

Kai Ōi (The Seashell Game) (1672)
Minashiguri (A Shriveled Chestnut) (1683)
Nozarashi Kikō (Record of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton) (1684)
Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days) (1684)
Haru no Hi (Spring Days) (1686)
Kashima Kikō (A Visit to Kashima Shrine) (1687)
Oi no Kobumi, or Utatsu Kikō (Record of a Travel-Worn Satchel) (1688)
Sarashina Kikō (A Visit to Sarashina Village) (1688)
Arano (Wasteland) (1689)
Hisago (The Gourd) (1689)
Sarumino (The Monkey's Raincoat) (1689)
Saga Nikki (Saga Diary) (1691)
Bashō no Utsusu Kotoba (On Transplanting the Banana Tree) (1691)
Heikan no Setsu (On Seclusion) (1692)
Sumidawara (A Sack of Charcoal) (1694)
Betsuzashiki (The Detached Room) (1694)
Oku no Hosomichi (Narrow Road to the Interior) (1694)[28]
Zoku Sarumino (The Monkey's Raincoat, Continued) (1698)

So what do you make of it or think? This is a first for me... ellipses...


your friend
- E E E - den

My (brief intro to) Philosophy on Music

Music is mathematical, time is mathematical. Without the precision and accuracy of time, music cannot exist as a perfect equation. Some tones can be associated with meanings; some tones can evoke feelings and physical responses from listeners. Music breaks down the barriers between the languages since it is a universal language of sound.

my dad is a real piano gypsy

giving away pianos, obtaining pianos, housing them and fostering them.
i find this to be quite an amusing fact.
to be a gypsy with something as huge and heavy as a piano, that is quite an accomplishment.
it is my favorite instrument, so i understand this phenomenon.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

haberdasher extroardinaire

the wizard hat

the mad hatter hat---brain encapsulated in gamma rays

as it turns out, i am a haberdasher. i love to make hats.