Friday, 14 November 2008

wave conversations

A discourse of square waves
i can never escape myself
i take what you sing out of context
keep me sane, save me in heaven

let us converse in sine waves
let our vision become fluid for my spiraled
floor's sake---
let me not test my bones to see if they will break.

Come and see the weaving
i have done atop the lake
Down on the ocean's shelf,
our sea castle awaits.

An insulated seizure, blood running too thin
Finding one current, losing another
whisked away from the watch tower.
Time is on my side now,
i plan to hide somehow,
i blend in as a leaf, sprouting growing
green, see my veins
in ink
do not touch

i am a tree who leads.

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ubernoir said...

oh i like that

adam leicester