Friday, 22 August 2008

a pint of waggle-dance..

the weather is so lovely!

nice to be home.

home is wherever we are.
i am glad to have found a home in strings plucked so gently.

on the river...

i'm back now..

i'm losing it in the parallel universe, the monsoon rainforest..
tree clouds loom over the 6 lane highways.
from the airplane, miami looked like a giant carpark.
what is that phenomena about el avion?
i'm turning into a japanese latin mummy. an orange feline. a catlantian.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


1. People are fish that fly and play instruments when they want.

2. The sky moves diagonally depending on the axis of your interpretation of diagonals.

3. Meeting other worlds simultaneously can be educational, yet confusing, somehow, despite their collisions of banter.

4. Life moves around sideways in dimensions the we fail to comprehend.

-Eden Grey + Nick the Intellect