Thursday, 9 December 2010

recollection of some days

watery nature
everything from the same source
symbol equal to word

eye am not here and eye am not self.

sparkles on the water
vivid in the wind
Breathe our planet's breath

good day for a rainbow
slow beat heart motion
planet mathematics
microscopic pupil, center focus, background language
Harpsichord fingers in the digital realm
Welcome to our quality time, never ending bell
Eyes want to tell about the wind chimes__
observing wings in movement, adrift
Rhythm up with tidal wave, a spiral staircase to the
unseen; Ensō prism research, geometric tears
Nonordinary reality (to become a man of knowledge)

Poet language monteur
Morning events, azure overhang, cast eyes upward
looking for the everseen
swooned by midday captured enraptured
undefined senses of being on loudspeakers
Magic of mechanics, roots absorbed and never solid.