Monday, 15 November 2010


this is an exquisite corpse Carl and I wrote:

the identity element is the numerical god particle
there is a noise key of granulated fibers, light implosions holographic
symposium, syntax spicy grace notes, muse physics ewe's physique
ballet mecanique, Lusitania transatlantic, underground stations
rejuvenating vibration. layering bridges, diapason
harmonics hold me invisible in the dim pedernal night
four elements show the way of existence to the neophyte
individual mind omnipotence, collective mind omnipresence, transcendence
negating opposition. imperfect beauty. feedback awake, zarathustra
love tangents four epic chords vocalizing dreams' lucidity

digital divinity
welcome to infinity concentric circle
sacred spiral
empirical denial
let's gather for a nightcap
fermented monocotyledon
plant a garden of myself
Beside the Alpha and Omega
broken branches in the brain
freedom through hunger
wisdom through pain
fire in the heart
the liquor from the golden
unicorn's bridal cup*
blood is wine, never can have enough

omni-tonality harmony basso Continuo D.C. al coda dominant
prolongation sound check becomes second development
first movement sonata form, second movement
rondo variation tree forms life giving wind leit motive
of your mind brushing the leaves extra skycommunication
one stroke method by far gone star frankincense & myrrh
message to be heard three to five words on a wire
why are we now? in a non-existent time existential spine and vein
transmit the rondo's refrain, what's more to explain.

tell me first, is it Transmit the rondo's rhyme or refrain?

*referenced from a silent film called Destiny (Der Müde Tod) directed by Fritz Lang, 1921

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