Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Nature Reflection

The trees stand tall and watch,
Leaves fluttering in the breeze, reflecting light.
The pattern is that of white noise;
It enters my mind with grace
And sings back gently, in memory.

The water runs smoothly over the rocks.
Clear currents visible, soothing to the eye.
A steady sound of earth's peaceful vein,
A consistent, gentle flow,
Where the fish swim and the green grows.

How soft, the wind that brushes my skin,
It circulates and spins;
The finest air travels down from the tops of trees
To embrace us with its cooling touch.
It is invisible and I feel it well.

Walking up the mountain, the scent fills my nostrils.
The incline is steep and my breath becomes heavy,
The roots of the trees pop out like steps to guide,
As I scale a side of the world,
Transcending the top with clarity in mind,

Deep in the forest, sounds are amplified;
Voices reverberate through thousands of tree trunks,
The branches scrape the blue of the sky in praise of the sun;
The light shining through the canopies of leaves
As I contemplate further how we are all one.

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