Saturday, 24 July 2010


look on very excitedly

look over variable energy

long optimism vouching emptiness

liquid orange vapor evaporating

likeness opening vanquished elegy

lured onto valley edge

lifelike other varieties enable

left on visitor exact

leaped out ventana easily

left over variable energies

long overcome vertical endeavors

lucid onyx vision entrenched

likewise overwhelming varieties efficient

lucent omega verb exhaling

laughing out vivaciously ending

lights off vindictive elsewhere

livid obscure vexations eating

less of velocity escalating

lonely overwhelming victorious each

letters outside valour eclipsed

lines optional valiance elsewhere

lift or vault essence

loop or vanquish early

likeness opposition vicarious even

leading over voltage equilibrium

leaving out vices effective

living only vocalizing equanimity

lunar opening vortex evolving


Basho said...

lakes of vernal ephemera
lives on verified endlessness

Alan said...

lagoon orpheus victual ephemera

lingua oracle vortex eviscerate

Basho said...

lactating ovaries vie eternally
lyrical offshoots' vericial epiphanies

Alan said...

lording over voluptuary eden

lived out vertigo's eggmen

Basho said...

lingua outre vs. E=orange
linguine or vongole extraordinaire?

Alan said...

lips' ontological vaudeville emission

launching or valised etudes