Friday, 30 January 2009

The Renku:

hey ichi
this is what i was trying to explain to you, the Renku, that i sang a mind version of cut and paste conversation of Matsuo Basho's poetry.
i was looking for a translation of the one i had devised and that you of (a great) few utilized.
except the difference between Basho's Renku and the one we are doing here, we are substituting ancient japanese for minimal keyboard characters, whose angles have somewhat to do with the shape they are associated with, which equals the number of syllables in the line in ancient japanese.
for since we temporarily are doing it through computer shapes, i have assigned them numbers.


Circle () = 1

incomplete Square I_I = 2

triangle <_ = 3

complete square TT = 4

The pattern that the sum of the shapes is on each line:

5,7,5 on the first three lines

and 7, 7 on the following (echoing) two lines.

I_I <_ 5
<_ <_ () 7
()()()()() 5

TT I_I () 7
<_ TT 7

In the above example, I have demonstrated the structure, and in doing so, have answered myself in this first experimental equation.
So, try a 5 - 7 - 5 with these shapes if you can and i will answer back in 7 - 7.

Here is a list of his works and their year and translation, i thought it would be interesting for you; i will translate the one i did when i get home. though i was looking at it last night, so i have an idea of what it is in my head now, but not the order.

Kai Ōi (The Seashell Game) (1672)
Minashiguri (A Shriveled Chestnut) (1683)
Nozarashi Kikō (Record of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton) (1684)
Fuyu no Hi (Winter Days) (1684)
Haru no Hi (Spring Days) (1686)
Kashima Kikō (A Visit to Kashima Shrine) (1687)
Oi no Kobumi, or Utatsu Kikō (Record of a Travel-Worn Satchel) (1688)
Sarashina Kikō (A Visit to Sarashina Village) (1688)
Arano (Wasteland) (1689)
Hisago (The Gourd) (1689)
Sarumino (The Monkey's Raincoat) (1689)
Saga Nikki (Saga Diary) (1691)
Bashō no Utsusu Kotoba (On Transplanting the Banana Tree) (1691)
Heikan no Setsu (On Seclusion) (1692)
Sumidawara (A Sack of Charcoal) (1694)
Betsuzashiki (The Detached Room) (1694)
Oku no Hosomichi (Narrow Road to the Interior) (1694)[28]
Zoku Sarumino (The Monkey's Raincoat, Continued) (1698)

So what do you make of it or think? This is a first for me... ellipses...


your friend
- E E E - den

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