Saturday, 6 June 2009

i am a giant squid

Now, after revisiting my past and realizing where I really am,
about to obtain stature in a solid place,
gain back my innocence that is so prominent,
as i feel like i have spread my philosophy to all corners of the world
and this was not done purposefully, however
i have unleashed a certain amount of energy unto the world
which i can now sense tenfold
time to let go of all that was once known
all the pain and all the love
so much love was allowed to endure throughout my years and relationships
an impeccable feeling on so many levels.
now i feel like a giant squid.
how much of what i put out into the world, now lies in landfills
how many lie dusty in the corners of unknown places.
i have collected many lives in my closet,
i believe it is time to set them free.
for life is but our own, to learn the insides and outs
and become a manifesting creature in the etheric realm
time to release the energy prisoners,
i did not understand that i had kept myself one.
there is no value or worth to tomorrow,
those thoughts meant for you alone, for only my eyes
now they are all here in this memoir;
this is a reminder of all that i cannot remember,
all that i have experienced is now a blur,
and i am not tempted to keep

(i am)


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