Thursday, 18 September 2008

Quantum Opinion

New languages approaching,
tree conversations. Collaged companions.
Cycled, sideways. Separately spaced.
Permanently erased. scribbled and traced.
See my span of time implode
as traveling backwards on the globe
Clashing with the earth's daytime face
days are longer, is it true
and do they realize
how much strain
comes from this magical concentration.
And so it were,
the lavender energy.
Proved me indeed to be a gypsy,
leaving impressions, gifts i'd been given
and not leaving without
what i had obtained.

So i tried to tell you again,
just as the test tries to trick.
I am nine, you are seven
gone back to my geyser, streaming light.
Mountains, only a year away.
Now a clearer, clouded day
Where sun is welcome, lost is found
the moon embraced, connected with
the ground. Frequencies stumble, stammering
in the ear, sirens similar
desensitizing shock. Spindled and soft.
Lost pieces of self. No attachment
needed, no explanation turquoise.

My quantum opinion,
relative to my forensic eyelids.
My pulsating pupils, i watch.

-Chelsea Bruno, August 2008

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