Thursday, 18 September 2008


Embarking a port,
Returning from the spider kingdom,
Time warp envelope level turned down
by five hours, and then some.
Spiraling staircases of paper lanterns.

Speaking secret languages
Gauging my insight.
The chair is sideways and is more practical this way.
I’m a chocolate button covered with hundreds and thousands.

Intestines of a grand tree trunk
Laid before my eyes.
Synthetic clear cube, disposable, overgrown wax.
Compressor, plagued treasure, handcrafted, worldly eccentricity.
Empty, full – a minimalist explosion.
Turntable enthralled, compelled by a mystery
One year later, being solved.
Attracted to patchwork, abandoned illusions.

The spider on the floor befriended me, as it appeared out of thin air to my weary eyes,
Then it disappears; could have climbed under the wood support
The table top tree intestine sits upon.
I wonder if it was ever there; if it ever befriended me at all.

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