Sunday, 7 June 2015

New Songs and Melissa's Birthday

I have decided, in order to help me start keeping track of my newest music, that I will try my hardest to remember to post about it. It must be released one day, in an organized fashion. There is no reason this music should not be heard just because I am being disorganized!

Right now I am trying to finish a new track I named "i-tors" in a strange cafe called Simply Organique next to Manor House station. The reason it is strange is because the little loft has a very low ceiling and wallpaper that looks like bookshelves. I am working on finishing several songs at the same time and trying my hardest not to feel swamped by them. Thank goodness, I am in London, not in a swamp.

Sitting in the park earlier, reading manifestoes. I made up a new game, bench battles. Who can sit at the park bench the longest?

Today is Melissa's birthday. She is the best sister ever and cooks really amazing lasagna. I loved when we were teenagers and she drove me to my piano lessons.

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