Sunday, 13 January 2013

Fountain Reflections: Part I

My Fountain embroidery; it reminds me of the Chinese New Year.

My Fountain article on

The following paragraph is from Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present by Roselee Goldberg, published in 1978.

The Art of Ideas

"The year 1968 prematurely marked the beginning of the decade of the seventies. In that year political events severely unsettled cultural and social life throughout Europe and the U.S. The mood was one of irritation and anger with prevailing values and structures. Students and workers shouted slogans and erected street barricades in protest against 'the establishment'. Many younger artists approached the institution of art with equal, if less violent, disdain. They questioned and accepted premises of art and attempted to re-define its meaning and function. Moreover, artists took it upon themselves to express these new directions in lengthy texts, rather than leave that responsibility to the mediator, the art critic. The gallery was attacked as an institution of commercialism and other outlets sought for communicating ideas to the public. On a personal level, it was a time when each artist re-evaluated his or her own intentions for making art, and when each action was to be seen as part of an overall investigation of art processes and not, paradoxically, as an appeal for popular acceptance." 

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