Tuesday, 28 February 2012

i often mix songs, but these are different

In preparation for my upcoming research project, I would like to make a note that Bernard Parmegiani's "De Natura Sonorum" (1975) and Kaija Saariaho's "Jardin Secret I" (1984-85) mix together extremely well; as a composer with a taste for pleasant sounding melodies, these senseless sounds mixed together have a haunting quality and help me make sense of how much I do not enjoy listening to either one of them, however when mixed together, they take on a new dimension that becomes more enjoyable. Though this music seems to all try to prove the same thing, that electronic music was made possible for its elements of haunting sounds and illogical formulations that defy the invisible laws of music, it is made more enjoyable when paired together with something of its own like, and is now allowing a new perspective from my stance.

And actually, after contemplation, I realize there is a discipline to senseless music, and it becomes more enjoyable in that it is not enjoyable in its traditional musicality.

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