Friday, 30 September 2011

Writing upside down, writing invisible.
Correlations in my head to be imagination.
Never stop the balance of silence, movement energy and stillness.
Somehow we have came to be in this invisible time,
where it seems like a fleeting forever.
At a loss accompanied by the misery of Nosferatu,
though I finally got my new shoes.
I have the desire to feel the activation of my senses.
I feel that coincidences make the most sense.
One day in the end, will we be without our senses.
We will be infinite and radiant as the flickering light into which we stare.
Why do I feel a hostage as my instrument in this life form?
An organic machine simply to channel color, light and sound.
Why have I never been as sonic as a thunder storm?
The immutable boundless light is forever.
The senses can be fooled.
We all identify with that card, indefinitely,
Considering the rules...
My best friend is my imagination.
I love when it runs away with me.

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