Saturday, 13 August 2011

Create, hallucinate, committed to crossing over
intersections of energy and unexpected exertion
of movement, wind spirits fluttering the leaves,
gentle on my skin, as my breath, as we are taken out of the known
the world, here and gone sitting still and unseen
Sense in what is lost, no sense in what is forced,
besides the natural force of gravity.
we are doing what we can to express our love and not feed angst
pushing colors and sounds
passing through the realms
a diversified singularity found within each
reflexive interpretation, i trust the roads in my hands
filling existence with wonderment,
forgetting what happens and remembering my dreams,
the fluent streams of melodies
that enrich my consciousness, sharing what i hear and see
tapping into out there where i dance all day and night
in a dress made of leaves. I live where reality is not defined.
Seasons and light are what compose time.
One day will not be a day but will infinitely be our spirit.