Tuesday, 22 February 2011


reality is not real.
welcome to my timescheme of spacetime.
timeframe overview.
transcending time.
time is numbers.
time is mathematical.
plenty of times.
i have grasped eternity in a single moment.
some times are displaced.
some times can be forgotten.
some times are memorable.
time can take the form of shapes.
time is expressed through subtle movements, motions.
time is balanced. An equilibrium. Time is a fragment of our reality. Increments of time are objective. Composites of time are subjective. Pockets of time are lost. When items disappear. Time can be compared to volume, to silence. Endless amounts of ratios, fractions. Time speaks, hear the time sing. Remember that time? Floods the mind. Time is a measurement. Time is indefinite. Reality and time are directly linked concepts, that can be conceived as separate. Time is present, at once, absent. Time is future, time is past, time is contradictory because it never ends. What is the origin of time? Times of peace, times of unrest. Time is the reason, time is the way. Time is how we determine what is real.
...at the time... all the time. Any time. How many times?
Comprehend the fact that we travel through time. Condense hours to minutes. Compare days to years. Convert decades to centuries. Has it been that long? Time is paced, it is not fast or slow. Time is existence, it's been awhile... Time is space, it is ubiquitous.
If it weren't for time, there would be no change, and so I am grateful to time.

in 11 years from today, i will be turning 37... on 2/22/22
today, i am 26! happy bday to me..