Sunday, 15 August 2010


between me and not me
creates a breathing space
where the clouds feel real
embracing the texture with crescent eyes
pushing buttons, overloading CPU
this conversation between us two
here and not here
seasons visible
reasoning questionable
setting, rising self every day
where i can subside to get away
major melody always ringing
bringing to a halt destructive tendency
breathing my own latency
sustaining the keys in mind
the forest that is the mind
the leaves are still green, blown on the breeze
drifting in the air
my dialogue with non-self in the noosphere
the chorus vibrates internally
the choragos chanting, unrelenting
while my self requests consistently for peace
the way of the world, it cannot be granted
a matter of moments
days become years
when one is here and not here
now here in nowhere

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