Sunday, 9 May 2010


Rising into light

Connected to the moon's face

The spiral sees all

A cycled color circle

The shape of form and spirit

Red painted the past

The tree stands in the future

Still in yesterday

Leaves tremble without the wind

Their veins, ever blossoming

Run in the forest

Pulsating green energy

We have so longed for

Breathing in the mist and dew

A silent song is spoken

The sun is the heart

Breathing slow and watching close

Creating shadow

It follows us everywhere

Flying free from the branches

No audio time

Singing chords and fleeting hordes

Alone, ring the chime

Inhaling the mist and dew

A silent song is spoken

Seeds that cannot grow

Patiently wait on the sill

Planted in the mind

Hushed with determined focus

Watching each breath, in and out

Not by our own choice

We feel that which was here

Before we were here

Steady falling rain brushes 

The leaves as we run through them

I am my father

Connected, I know

We sing through smiles

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