Friday, 12 March 2010

everything is a miracle

facts are not solid

good = bad
question or statement?
we are one and not separate
we are not really our selves

defined by creeping moss
the facial expressions crevices in rocks
the soothing sound of running water
but shock never wears off
it disappears at times
from where our path leads us
coloring outside the lines

when we become sun chasers
because you wished it would stay
as faced with desolate grey
nothing is permanent, thank goodness
as the days glide before our eyes
and the trails the planes leave in the sky
no two moments are the same
"what do you surmise?"

we can all withstand samsara,
it has never been a breeze;
these chasms of sarcasm, 
this abyss of unrest.

the way to nirvana has been shared with me,
i am now sewing my seeds.

circumscribed earthquakes,
geometric rainbow trees.
i smell something sweet
as Isis stays with me.
Oghatinnoti embraces 
when i am in need.
he does love me dearly,
with my magenta moon phases.

sunflower retinas, galaxies in dream;
awake during sleep, neutralized desire.
muses sing softly, chanting in the depths
of the ocean where all is calm,
i am patient for time
when i will join in their song.

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