Thursday, 21 January 2010


rain explosion
magma flying, tree-top spying
where i wondered, what happened to you?
where are you now?
where am i?
unplanned eruptions
from bottled darknesses

will you still love me, Hermes?
after darknesses flow, likeness to light 
the same as the opposite, no, opposing is different
straight from the imagination

whirlwinds circling, ever-spiraling
detached and dictated in solitude,
eloquently absent
severely detached from meanings
visitors make appearances
ever reminding of infinity's challenge
may i recall for next time
a mental note, a song
for me, for you and all the unseen
blue spirits and the never dead 
your little talking machines
piles of dusty books
modulating ghosts
speeding nearer
listen close...

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